KEY Language Consulting

Language-learning solutions for international companies. We provide customized, digital training programmes across time zones, with top-level trainers, modern LMSs, and a specialised focus reporting, employee engagement, and return on investment.

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Since 2007, KEY has collaborated with companies of all sizes to provide language-learning solutions for their staff. Our strengths are providing engaging and 100% virtual learning with top-level trainers, modern LMSs, and a specialised focus on fostering employee engagement measuring the clients' return on investment through level auditing and rigorous reporting.

We believe one of our USPs is offering large-scale clients their own KEY Solutions Architect. Our Solutions Architects are senior team members who manage your training programme from its initial phases of needs analyses and level audits through the final stages of evaluating efficacy and providing future milestones.

We're fully digital and both our administrative and teaching staff can adapt to a variety of time zones and client-specific needs.