Kris Edlund American Voiceovers

Female American VO based in Dublin, Ireland.

Founded in
Blackhorse Avenue
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Insightful, accurate, and easy to direct, Kris Edlund is the antidote to the challenges of any project. Her vast experience across a wide range of industries gives her a great understanding of any material no matter how technical or sensitive. Her cold-reading skills are superb, and her voice has a warmth that makes her the first choice of clients time and time again.

Kris currently works with over a dozen major corporations, recording their internal eLearning courses. However she is bound by non-disclosure agreements not to reveal their names. They are in the publishing, computer, manufacturing, retail, energy solutions, transport, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, life sciences, consultative, legal, financial & food industries.

She works from her home studio in Dublin, Ireland and uses Skype when directors or clients choose to join recording sessions.  She is always dependable to record on her own with quick turnover and great flexibility.