Kristin Price - The Easygoing Professional Voice

A warm, trustworthy, friendly and approachably smart voice. Experienced with medical/pharmaceutical pronunciation. Trusted by corporations. Loved by kids.

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350 Cabrini Blvd
New York
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With more than a decade and a half of experience and a top-notch home studio, my job is to make sure working together will be effortless on your end. I give your elearning program a casual, personal (but professional) feel. I figure that if I'm bored, your listeners will be bored... so I make sure to keep myself engaged, discovering each new piece of information as I go.

My tone (age 30's-40's) ranges from reassuring and caring (perfect for patient medical information) to easygoing and welcoming (just right for employee relations, small businesses, and retail) to direct (loved by HR and compliance departments) to fun and lighthearted (I've got that Mom/Favorite Teacher sound).