Kristo Sween | Voice Actor & Narrator

Experienced voice actor, narrator, and corporate trainer.

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2158 St. Clair Ave
St. Paul
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The voice of authority, persuasion, and experience; of compassion, wisdom, and expertise; and of technology, artistry, and the weekend.

Youthful enthusiasm + mature authority.

Voice Actor Kristo Sween marries his knowledge of business, science, and technology with just the right amount of character, charisma, and gravitas.

Friendly, trustworthy, and knowledgeable.

Kristo makes the complex understandable and eats technical, scientific, and medical terms for breakfast.

Versatile character voices.

Trained as a stage actor, Kristo continues to tread the boards and act on-camera. A former digital media producer, Kristo is an experienced editor working in ProTools and Final Cut Pro.