Language Bridge Technology

In the subconscious Training in English skills, a learner develops a new habit of performing three actions simultaneously: reading, listening, and speaking simultaneously with the speaker.

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What is Language Bridge Technology?
A mobile app that you may download from the Google Play store creates the environment for subconscious training in English skills. This app allows learners to create their lessons and using simultaneous repetition for developing the skill of speaking automatically as native speakers do.

The instructions given in this app are drastically different from those you hear in language schools. Therefore, you need a guide who will help you to discover and join the self-learning revolution. First, I will elucidate every step of this patented approach. Then, you will continue this self-learning journey alone, demonstrating unprecedented results: in subconscious training, you acquire English skills five times faster than conventional conscious learning.

Overview of Language Bridge Technology benefits
Subconscious Training in English skills allows eliminating appalling forgetting curves and cross-translation problems that adult learners face.

It allows you to create your own lessons and apply the patented technology of simultaneous repetition to acquire fluency in your vocational field.

It contains all elements necessary for subconscious training as a self-learning tool.

It has built-in support in your native language that a learner may invoke when needed.

Simultaneous Repetition with Closed Eyes Develops the Visualization Skill.

Simultaneous Repetition and Typing develop correct spelling.

New Lessons created by Learners or Teachers.

Simultaneous Repetition by using Text-to-speech Engine.

One Man Show drill develops automatic speech.

Testing Active Vocabulary, Fluency, Pronunciation, and Grammar Accuracy.

Uplifting Poems Ensure Emotional Involvement.

All Learners Practice Subconscious Training Concurrently irrespective of the number of learners in a class.

Both Native and Non-native speakers are equally Efficient as Coaches.