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Learn Business Chinese Online. Language Dim Sum, your one-stop Learn Mandarin Chinese for Business Platform.

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Language Dimsum is an online learning Chinese platform featuring practical courses in real-life business settings. Our team aims to bring out the most essential relevant learning situations, revealing practical insights, sharing soft skills to accommodate practical business needs.

  • Learn Practical Business Chinese Conversations
  • Learn Chinese Business Etiquettes
  • Learn Chinese Business Practices
  • Learn how to answer common interview questions in Mandarin Chinese
  • and more!

We understand the frustrations of language and business cultural barriers, so in our all course, other than the language itself, we will be sharing practical Chinese business insights and relevant cultural values. Learn the language AND the Culture.


Enjoy the benefits of being multi-lingual, so you can:

  • Do business with Chinese.
  • Make informed decisions.
  • Build strong Chinese business connections.
  • Negotiate better deals.
  • Gain a competitive advantage for your career path.
  • Increase your happiness.
  • Advance your career.
  • Earn more money.
  • Have more fun