Language Intelligence Ltd

We are a full service, tech-forward language services provider with over thirty years of experience. We have extensive experience working with eLearning and training companies on every aspect of your localization processes.

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16 N. Goodman Street
Rochester, NY 14607
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+1 (585) 244-5578

As a Language Service Provider (LSP) we work in a variety of business sectors including market research, training and eLearning, manufacturing, life sciences, and software. Services include: translation and localization, interpreting, language learning, and culture training. The translation business has been impacted by technology in many of the same ways other business sectors have, and here at Language Intelligence we embrace these changes. We develop software productivity tools internally and share them with our clients, in addition to using industry-standard software. We are fully integrated, working with files in your preferred format, managing translation and review, working with audio and video elements, and offering digital publishing in any format.