Laura Keenan Voice Over

As a pro Elearning Voice Over Talent, you will receive engaging, clear & concise communication. Customers will be comfortable, relaxed and expertly guided through their learning process.

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Los Angeles
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(760) 343-6113

I am a professional voice over talent and one the genre's I love is Elearning voice over.  There is a teacher inside of me that really enjoys coming out!

I possess that warm & friendly believability so necessary in elearning modules.  Analyzing the script is ultra important so the learning absorption occurs and is as easy, and comfortable as possible for the student.

I have mastered the art of pacing and degree of formality that the client requires when doing a voice over for different genre's of elearning.

Copy will always be read in an engaging manner with a degree of energy - how much?  Whatever the script commands.  I will deliver varying levels of conversational reads all the way to clinical - it all depends on the culture of the company and the genre I am voicing.  You're listener will always feel respected and enjoy the journey that my voice over and the elearning module inspires.

All elearning recordings are from my personal broadcast quality studio (Designed by VO Tech Guru - Sound master, Tim Tippets).  Equipment includes a Sennheiser 416 microphone, Focusrite interface and adobe audition DAW.

As a highly directable voice over pro, you will receive fast, efficient, precise, clean audio files.  As a team player I will deliver within your budget and timelines.

Source Connect License, Skype, Zoom or Phone for any recording sessions with direction.