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The Lean Methods Group specializes in the application of highly collaborative and methodical approaches to business performance improvement. Our business model is simple: we apply Lean methodologies to all aspects of our client's business.

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The Lean Methods Group offers the greatest depth and breadth of delivery options for training and education in performance excellence, innovation and change leadership—from self-paced, online learning to fully customized courses and delivery modes for global companies with large numbers of people speaking different languages and working in diverse regions of the world.

Based on the work of leading adult-learning theorists (such as Bloom), and on the need for you to remember and apply what you learn, all of the Lean Methods Group's courses are experiential. This means you won’t be passively sitting in a classroom; you’ll be actively interacting with instructors and peers, experiencing live simulations, engaging in hands-on individual and group exercises—and applying what you learn back at your home organization

Our state-of-the-art eLearning courses are led by experienced eInstructors who are dedicated to your success. Online courses are delivered through an interactive, HTML-based eLearning system, offering accessibility and ease of use across both desktop and mobile devices (closed captioning is available). eLearning is an affordable option for those who need flexibility but don’t want to sacrifice quality.

Classroom Courses
From two days to several weeks in duration, these in-person courses teach essential skills, methods and tools for improving process, product, and business performance. These courses are great if you want live learning with the physical presence of a Lean Methods Group master instructor. The Lean Methods Group is authorized by IACET to offer CEUs for classroom courses.

Blended Learning
This is a mix of classroom and online learning, blended as you wish to meet your unique training needs. All blended programs are customized for you by the Lean Methods Group, and pricing reflects your specific configuration. Contact us for more information on blended learning options.

The Lean Methods Group offers two programs of study and application for more advanced practitioners: Lean Master and Master Black Belt (Lean Six Sigma). These programs are rigorous in nature, and students have to qualify for acceptance. Programs have heavy study requirements, demanding knowledge mastery, as well as heavy application requirements, demanding successful demonstration of teaching, mentoring, facilitation and leadership skills.

Sometimes training is for larger, more widely deployed initiatives. Sometimes our clients want us to rebrand our course materials to fit their specific nomenclature. Sometimes course examples need to exactly fit a specific industry. And sometimes consistent training needs to be delivered in different regions to people from different cultures speaking different languages. All these scenarios—and your specific needs—are why we will work with you to customize training options. Contact us for more information on customized training and education.


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