LeapLearner-Edtech Company for Coding, Robotics & AI for Kids

Leaplearner provides computational thinking and algorithmic intelligence courses in a fun way for kids between the age of 5 to14. Our courses include Coding, App Development, Robotics, Programming, AI, Machine Learning, and more.

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Computational EdTech Solutions Private Limited 9, Spaze I-Tech Park, A1 Tower, Sector - 49, Sohna Road
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Leaplearner is a CSTA-based education platform that offers fun ways for kids to learn the basics of STEM. With courses ranging from Coding, App Development, Robotics to Programming, AI, and Machine Learning, kids get an opportunity to participate in their favorite science-based project and pave the way for their future career development. Kids between 5 to 14 years can take the course and grow more computational, logical, and analytical with the skills to solve real-world issues. Some of the benefits of learning with Leaplearner include:

●     A comprehensive and playful way to learn the fundamentals of STEM

●     Certification from iCode, a US-based Computational Thinking certifying body

●     Opportunities to partake in online olympiads and hackathons

●     Analytical and problem-solving skills with real-world applications