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We are professional and native Dutch speaking educators, from Belgium as well as the Netherlands, who offer individualized professional Dutch training for beginners as well as advanced students.

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Our clients range from companies, contracting us to train their expatriate employees, to professionals and their families who relocate to these regions from all over the globe.

Our trainers are largely comprised of Expatriates and have firsthand experience in the challenges associated with relocating to a new country and culture. It is this understanding that gives us the ability to relate to our students and explain the nuances of adapting to a new language, culture, and way of living that is often overlooked by traditional language training institutions. We not only teach the language but how to use it in the correct context and can assist with questions on environmental and cultural specifics in a manner that the student can better relate to.

Unlike traditional tuition, the online environment gives us the ability to provide face-to-face training at a pre-scheduled time, no matter where the client may be situated. All that is required is a smart device with a reliable internet connection and distraction-free surroundings while the training is in process. Online lessons provide direct and appropriate attention required without being over intrusive in the environment that the client finds themselves in, be it at the home, office, or even travel accommodation among other places.

We can provide quality education without compromising your privacy. Online lessons provide us with the ability to train our students according to their required pace and answer questions in a private setting. Say goodbye to traveling to a specific location and a specific time and sitting in an impersonal classroom with 20 strangers who all get the same bulk distributed information. Need I say more?....


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