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eLearning Courses that Drive Business Change 

We turn boring training resources into online courses your colleagues will love. We help businesses grow with engaging online learning that increases productivity and minimizes mistakes.

We Specialize in Rise

A great fit for...

  • Long-Form content (converting training binders, manuals, keynote lectures)
  • Repeat Resources (policies, procedures, guidelines, frameworks, checklist)
  • On-the-Go Learning (interactive & responsive across all devices for the modern learner)

We Bring Your Training Content to Life

With a trusted process you can depend on.

Phase 1 - Instructional Design

Every training course needs identified learning objectives, outcomes, and defined measures of success. We'll bring strategy to the table and identify the best methods for achieving real results before building your training.

Phase 2 - Development in Rise

Once the strategy is set, we'll work to bring it all to life by conceptualizing the user experience, sequencing the materials, and designing the course branding guidelines to ensure consistency and quality.

Phase 3 - Final Deliverables

This is where all the pieces come together. We'll build out the course in SCORM/HTML5 format using Rise so you can publish it on your LMS for tracking and reporting the KPIs set out during our strategic planning.



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