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We believe that digital learning should help everyone achieve their potential. Our mission is to make this happen by helping learning providers create the best digital learning experiences they can – through learning science, engaging content, great design and thoughtful use of technology.

"LearnJam provided us with expertise in best practice learning design and digital innovation. We were looking for people to challenge our thinking and take our project to the next level – that's exactly what they did." — Debra Marsh, Director of Learning Design and Teacher Management, Excedo


What we do

Learning design

We combine research-based learning principles with design thinking to help you design effective digital learning solutions.

Content creation

We write, edit and produce engaging and effective content to bring your digital learning products to life.

Product & technology

We can design and build your digital learning products – from native apps to full learning management systems.

What makes us different

Digital expertise

Digital learning is easy to talk about, but hard to deliver. We know how to design and build digital learning programmes with genuine pedagogical value so that you can take the first steps of your journey with confidence.

Sound learning principles

We've carried out an extensive review into what works in learning and used this to develop a clear set of evidence-based learning design principles that we use to guide all the work we do.

Scale and speed

Our full-time team of strategists and designers works with a large network of brilliant freelance talent. This means we can get started quickly, and have the scale to take on any content project, from a small prototype to a large multi-level course providing hundreds of hours of learning.


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