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LearnKarts is a leading provider of B2B e-learning content, empowering organizations worldwide to enhance employee skills and boost productivity. With a dual focus on off-the-shelf self-paced courses and end-to-end customized solutions, LearnKarts caters to a diverse range of learning needs.

Off-the-shelf Self-Paced Courses:

  • Our courses are designed to keep learners engaged and actively involved in the learning process.
  • Easy-to-digest video modules provide a focused learning experience.
  • Reinforce key concepts with interactive quizzes.
  • Prepare for industry certifications with practice tests.

End-to-end Customized Solution:

  • Our team of experts creates customized learning experiences aligned with your specific organizational goals.
  • Develop engaging and interactive instructor-led training programs.
  • Produce high-quality self-paced video courses for a flexible learning experience.
  • Assess learner comprehension and prepare them for certifications.


Instructor-led courses, Self-paced videos, Quizzes, and Practice tests can be created with the help of our strong 6000+ Subject Matter Expert (SME)across the globe!!
LearnKarts delivers e-learning content in a variety of domains, including AWS, Azure, GCP, PMI®, Salesforce, and programming languages. We also offer white-labeling services, allowing you to seamlessly incorporate our courses into your learning platform.


Discover the Solutions Learnkarts has to offer.