Leonora Voiceover British Female Voice Actor

Highly experienced British female voice actor with thousands of hours of e-learning narration recorded in her home studio in London, UK. Clear, warm and neutral English voice that is easy to listen to.

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Crystal Palace
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Leonora has recorded thousands of hours of e-learning content from her London UK based studio; including medical/healthcare, educational, kids apps, museum walkthroughs, phonics, mechanical, legal, how-tos and much more.

Her clear, warm and neutral English voice is easy to listen to and her experience in the studio means that she can turnaround large scripts very quickly, including mastering and editing her audio.

Her versatile voice means that she can get just the tone that suits the script best; a relaxed, millenial style read; a youthful, energetic tone; a clear, informative style; compassionate, warm read and so on. She is also highly skilled at kids voices and has recorded lots of childrens e-learning for use on apps and English Language Training.

Tricky, tongue-twisting, acronym based scripts are not a problem! And Leonora regularly turns around 3000+word scripts in 2-3 days, or she can expedite your script if you need a super fast delivery.  You will recieve file split, mastered audio in the format of your choice delivered however suits you best.