LOGYMY is an online learning platform that provides students and learners with the ultimate elearning experience via live courses and live interpretation

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LOGYMY is an Elearning platform that provides LIVE online courses to the learners.


Logymy is a strong believer that anyone has live access to the information:

As online learners our greatest problem is I-N-T-E-R-A-C-T-I-O-N. We happen to just watch a recorded video course and then a question pops up in our minds so we write it in the comments or in the message section and then what? We wait impatiently for our questions to be clarified.


We envision a World-class learning for anyone, anywhere no matter his language.

Everyone has a tremendous ability to upgrade his life and make it better through online LIVE learning. Where he can ask his tutor about whatever pops in his mind and gets the answer right away. No matter what you’d like to accomplish with your online learning courses, you won’t do it without a strong live interaction and a deep understanding to the subject you are studying. That said, we introduced Logymy your best online courses live learning platform.

You can learn how to play an instrument or educate yourself on accounting. You can dance like a professional dancer or cook like a chief with our LIVE online courses.