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Matrix Risk Control provides investigation, Root Cause Analysis (RCA), training and risk management services to organisations worldwide. Our investigators are adept at uncovering the facts to reveal the true causes of incidents and vulnerabilities faced by our clients. The intelligence gained from our investigations helps our clients to:

  • mitigate risk, by preventing issues that put their people, assets or reputation in jeopardy
  • make strategic decisions particularly around business continuity
  • create a resilient organisation

Our training courses prepare people to investigate incidents and manage emergencies confidently.

Our backgrounds as senior police investigators in the UK instilled core values that hold true in the Matrix Risk Control team today: to protect life, to preserve order, to prevent crime.

Why are these values important?

They give our clients confidence in our professionalism, commitment and responsiveness by underpinning all of the services and training we offer.

Operational risk will always exist.

Matrix Risk Control can help you understand and manage the risks you face.


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