The Mental Health Project

Innovative and engaging mental health, resilience and wellbeing eLearning courses for the workplace.

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The Mental Health Project is the world´s first company dedicated to digital solutions for mental health, resilience and wellbeing training in the workplace. The Mental Health Project is revolutionising the way that corporate mental health courses are delivered. We provide organisations globally with a proactive and preventative approach to mental health through evidence based, high impact, innovative, and engaging mental health eLearning courses and support resources.

Our range of eLearning courses include:

  • Mental Health Awareness – in a leader´s and team´s version
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Resilience – in a leader´s and team´s version
  • Wellbeing
  • Custom mental health and wellbeing course development

Our eLearning courses are high in quality, affordable and a time efficient approach to mental health training. Our courses are specifically designed to help your business:

  • meet its legal and moral health and safety obligations for providing a psychologically safe workplace
  • improve employee wellbeing
  • reduce the stigma associated with mental health in your workplace
  • improve performance