Mentorwolf is a global online informal educational platform that brings mentors and learners together using secure integrated video conferencing tools in a one-to-one or one to few setting.

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The key goal of Mentorwolf is to connect Students with Mentors from across the globe who
share a commonality of interests. Mentorwolf achieves this by providing an online digital
platform where Students can search for Mentors in their chosen field of interest and request
from them to take online Mentoring video conferencing sessions. It is important to note that one
of the distinctively democratic features of Mentorwolf is that Mentoring is open to nearly anyone.
No degrees or certifications are required and with few restrictions, anyone, from professional
instructors to non professional enthusiasts alike who feel they have expertise in and can instruct
on a certain subject matter or skill is invited to participate as a Mentor.

Mentorwolf aims to be Fair, non-committal, affordable, honest, easy & engaging.