Michael Baer Voiceover

A trustworthy and reliable voice to clearly connect your content to your audience with assurance and confidence.

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1756 Lulie Street
Victoria, BC
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I have been engaged with audio my entire professional life, mostly on the other side of the microphone, in both live and post-production sound as a mixer, post-production editor and general technician.  I learned to edit audio tape with a razor blade - and sometimes, they were even sharp! - and from there, embraced the digital audio revolution which meant almost unlimited creative freedom.


That same revolution eventually led me here. I began recording voiceover as the fulfilment of a youthful ambition to do so, and record narration in a variety of sectors for clients throughout the Americas and Europe. I am able to bring a solid understanding of the fundamentals of sound and production to any project, and can certainly edit and mix a project if that is what is needed.


If I'm not in the booth, I'm in my little shop messing about with woodworking or planning yet another renovation of my Old House...