Through innovative learning courses delivered via different mediums we equip startups, entrepreneurs & small business owners with the knowledge, tools and motivation they need to succeed.

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Mindmekka is an innovative eLearning service & content provider that uses cutting-edge technology to create and sell educational video and audio courses online.

We equip startups, entrepreneurs and small business owners with the training, knowledge, tools & motivation they need to succeed.

Our aim is to assist those wishing to improve their station in life by providing quality educational products that are affordable and accessible.

Our courses are crafted in such a way that they not only impart the necessary theoretical knowledge but also provide learners with practical skills that are applicable to the real world.

Striving to become a leading course marketplace globally and getting there in leaps and bounds.

We now offer more than 500 video courses ranging from anger management to app development, to mindfulness to marketing. We also have an extensive library of audio courses which are delivered through mobile apps.

Currently constructing a vocational and career guidance site and a membership site for WordPress development and digital marketing.

Happily serving more than 90 000 students from over 150 countries.


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