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"Collaborating with Mindscaling is a complete joy! They bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and ideas, but it is really their creativity, flexibility and willingness to create a solution that fits the needs of the company that sets them apart from others in their field."
– Michelle Braden, VP, Global Talent Development at WEX, Inc.

Ready Now:

We have over 250 micro-learning courses, built within the last 3 years, available right here, or installed on your Learning Management System (LMS).

Our courses are authored by award-winning designers, and built in the latest technologies. With more in production. Always.

Custom Built:

We have created many custom courses for organizations in recent years. All designed for specific audiences to make a meaningful impact and to change behavior and outcomes.

We will guide you and offer our extensive expertise to your custom product, and help craft a learning experience that will create behavior change in fun and engaging ways.

Mindscaling builds custom learning paths that fit the development goals of the people in your organization. From the day they come in and try to figure out where the coffee maker is, to supporting their aspiration as an emerging leader, to develop them as a new manager, and building them up as they become executive leaders in the organization.

Over the years we have designed hundreds of online learning course and curriculum for all different levels of learners, in different industries, with different learning needs. We have developed some designs that we use for critical paths most all companies embrace including:
* New Hire Orientation
* Developing Emerging Leaders
* Transition to Management
* Executive Leadership



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