Mixwerk Media Solutions GmbH

For e-learning, web-based training (WBT) or instruction courses we work with specialized voice talents in many languages. We deliver the files precisely according to your specifications. Sometimes even "tomorrow". Regardless of language.

Founded in
Winsstraße 6
10405 Berlin
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+49(0)30 440 331 80

At Mixwerk Media Solutions GmbH, we are passionate voice recording artists for elearning Audio production and Subtitling.

We produce, mix and master with high-quality studio equipment and have over 15 years experience in this field.

We also work in over 40 languages with only the best Voice Talents all over the world.

We record speech for elearning on "black" or to your film by APTX or MusicTaxi via an ISDN network. The prices, however, should be attractive for you. Ask us for the best mix in this area, too!

Our large network of professional voice talents will help you to find the optimal voice. We deliver the completed soundtracks to you in all formats by download from our Mixwerk server or by FTP upload. And all that „on demand,“ in other words, even within 24 hours. In addition, we function as a casting studio for a number of voice agencies. This means we can always provide you with a choice of the best and newest professional voice talents.

Please do contact us.