Monk Schane-Lydon at Lodge Studios

Monk is a storyteller. That story can be how covalent bonds react, or how to use a banking app on your phone. The subject can be as complex as grafting a saphenous vein, or as emotional as the poetry of Dylan Thomas.

Founded in
New York
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Monk Schane has worked on projects for middle school students, pharmaceutical companies, mechanical engineering firms and even a couple companies in the glamping tourism business. He has the ability to deliver a script with understanding, authority and clarity. When he’s not in the studio he’s restoring vintage motorcycles, on-stage or on-camera somewhere, (or spending some time working on his airplane project.)

Lodge Studios is a state of the art facility and can turn around most projects in less than a day.

Partial list of recent clients:

  • Smith & Wesson
  • BB&T Bank
  • Santander Bank
  • Mass Mutual
  • Xerox
  • Church of Latter Day Saints
  • Edison Learning
  • Cengage Learning