More Impact, Less Stress!

On-demand digital instruction in Executive Presence for the Camera and Virtual Presentation Mastery. Help your leaders make a bigger impact, with less stress!

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On-demand digital courses, and in-person virtual training in Executive Presence for the Camera, Virtual Presenting, Public Speaking, and Hosting Burnout-Busing Meetings.

Help yourself, or the leaders in your organization, turn passion and knowledge into greater results. Gain in-depth knowledge and neuroscience-backed techniques to enhance leadership and executive presence on-stage or on-camera.

Even introverts and technically minded professionals CAN develop a more authentic, relatable presence and charisma for on-camera, on-stage. and in meetings. And when we can all show up with more confidence, poise, and connection- we can make a bigger impact.

The digital courses and live virtual training programs provided by More Impact, Less Stress are practical, engaging, and filled with tangible action recommendations for immediate, noticeable, and lasting presentation improvement.