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My Development Zone is a low cost, feature rich, all in one online learning solutions for businesses. Used by learners all over the world, the system is engaging learners and helping provide them with the autonomy to learn new skills. Used by Aviva.

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My Development Zone is the low cost all in one online learning solution designed to help you develop your business skills and grow your business. Used by thousands of learners around the world, our platform is packed full of features and hundreds of online learning courses, designed to help learners develop their skills and to help facilitate the development of a learning culture in businesses of all sizes.

Delivering Good Thinking at every opportunity

Designed specifically for insurance brokers, the Broker Development Zone's web based learning management system allows your firm to deliver, track and manage training and learning with ease. Every feature and course that we build for Development Zone is available to all licence holders within your basic licence fee - no hidden or extra costs!

A huge library of content

Access to an extensive and ever-growing library of learning modules, library content, videos, white papers and assessments, supported by over 10,000 multiple choice questions tailored to your job role. With this much content, learning is put firmly in the learner's control so you do not have to source new learning material on a regular basis.

Badge Rewards

Achievement should be recognised. The Broker Development Zone issues badges for passing courses which are a great way to motivate your employees and they can be displayed on your website or social networks to highlight how important learning and development is within your business culture.

CPD Recording

At the end of each session, simply click a button and a CPD record is created, recording all your activity and CPD in one place. We even offer a My Scratchpad tool that allows learners to add reflective learning statements during their time on the Development Zone that they can import into their CPD records.

Customised Content

Supervisors can add their own learning content and push it to their teams, giving you more autonomy and customisation than you will have ever seen before.

Peer Benchmarking

Unique reports show how both your business and individual staff compare to other Development Zone users by displaying your scores against the averages on the system. This allows you to understand where your business risks may lie and how you stand up to the competition.

Learn Anywhere

The Broker Development Zone is HTML5 compatible, so you can access it at any time of day across multiple devices with no annoying pop-ups or internet browser issues.

Questions By Email

Do you find it hard to make the time to log in? Our unique 'questions by email' service sends you regular questions to help you assess your knowledge. The answers you give in your email browser are logged on the system without you having to leave your email.

Ask Development Zone

Our intelligent search engine searches all text on the site, so for any question asked, Aviva Development Zone will return the most likely areas where the answer can be found. Why rely on just course headings or course introductions alone?