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MST offers three levels of practical, functional, real-time courses in Microsoft Excel (today) & PowerPoint (soon) to adult learners, taught by a live instructor: Our highly successful methodology helps people “turn on their learning lightbulb.”

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Core productivity skills are foundational to every employee’s value. Operational efficiency is a critical cornerstone for any enterprise contemplating its future business strategy. However, the widening technology talent gap, especially among those with repetitive job functions or "not so young" workers, is disproportionately impacting many people and organizations. And for companies going through painful headcount reductions, there is recognized integrity to leaving employees better off than how they were found. My Software Tutor positively impacts both of these challenges.

MST courses are most compelling to adult learners whose educational experiences have primarily been enshrined in real-time communication with a live instructor. The prototypical learner can broadly be categorized as one of Aspirational Learners (employees looking to upskill or re-skill themselves); Career Repeaters (blue-collar, HS grads with consistent job functions); Vertical Receders (workers from pandemic-influenced industries experiencing material reductions in size such as hospitality, travel & live entertainment); Downsizers (employees who have been impacted by corporate headcount reduction) and/or Mature Execs (mid-level to senior executives now working independently, whose prior team members typically were responsible for these deliverables.)

MST works with companies of all sizes as well as unions and other organizations across numerous industries. Entities pre-pay or subsidize the cost of a block of courses. Member-based organizations make MST courses available with a link from their website. Learners register with a unique code for any session on our public-facing calendar. Private, company-specific courses can also be created with custom curricula taught on a pre-set schedule.

MST has also joined the Pledge 1% movement to work with select non-profit organizations whose members will benefit but cannot otherwise afford this training.