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  • Business Development Training
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What we do

We help you create an interactive training hub filled with multimedia content. Whether you upload, create on-site or choose courses from our online marketplace, you'll soon be training all your learners effortlessly.

Myskillcamp also offers analytics, chat, reviews, and over 300,000 courses in over 18 languages. Whatever your industry, how ever many learners you have, create a personalised training hub that suits your business with myskillcamp.

Our service qualifies as both an LMS and an LXP and gives businesses single sign-on, for both admins and learners. Personalised course paths can be created, changed, and allocated at any time, per learner and per team.

Course providers can also join forces and become a myskillcamp partner - offering their courses on our marketplace while being promoted on our website and media.

Reach out for a free, personalised trial to access courses, curate your own, and take advantage of our interactive marketplace.




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