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The Voice That Makes Sense. A warm, connected, native English voice over. UK degree educated, widely travelled and read, Naomi is adept at tricky copy and technical terms.

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Providing voice over and voice acting for e-learning, corporate, financial, medical narration, and more.  I'm a trained actor with stage and screen credits. Having also had varied business consulting career I'm used to technical language and business-speak. I've worked in finance, healthcare, information technology, and media companies along with universities and hospitality.

This varied career alongside my acting background means I can bring warmth, personality, and authenticity to my work as a voice-over within the e-learning and corporate spheres.

A published writer and well-travelled (currently living in my third country and have travelled to many more), I have a rich library of life experiences to bring to any script.

Whether you'd like a chatty natural voice or a more serious read, I will deliver the right voice for your script and your students.