Ocean Narration

High-quality audio engineering, intuitive narration, and extensive experience enable Luka to discern exactly what you need, how to implement it, and assures quick turnaround.

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1700 Apakin Nene
Tallahassee, FL
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Stand out from the crowd with the intuitive choice for your voiceover needs!

Luka Sharron customizes each project to the client’s desired aesthetic through his extensive experience in a broad range of industries. From casting call to published narration, Luka’s proprietary streamlined process ensures quick turnaround, client satisfaction, and superior quality. Workflow is driven by deadlines and informed by a diverse range of instructional design and commercial clients. Luka Sharron has a critical, creative ear and is proficient in cutting-edge digital audio workstations. Mentored from a young age in media production, Luka's versatile skill set and wide range of experience allow seamless integration into large-scale eLearning development.