On-Español is an online Spanish Academy that offers interactive and dynamic, Virtual Spanish classes with native, qualified teachers in a unique private Classroom.

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C/Montesa, 35
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(+34) 912 196 991

Concerned that the Spanish is in there somewhere but you just can’t get it out? A tailored class helps you progress faster and gain the fluency you need. A native Spanish teacher will agree a ‘plan of studies’ with you to suit your needs and level.

On-Español has a unique real-time, interactive classroom with a fully-functioning white board. It’s simple, straightforward and multi-functional design provides you with seamless teacher-student communication that includes screens for the teacher and student to interact and view each other, the ability to share audio and video files or instant messaging in real time.

On-Español was created by a team of life-long Spanish learners. Based out of a Cervantes accredited academy in the heart of Madrid, Spain, La Aventura Española,the team behind On-Español, has spent over 10 years years teaching a community passionate about learning the Spanish language. Using its extensive experience and understanding of exactly what Spanish learners want from an academy, On-Español was born to enable students to join this community, no matter your timetable or your location. You decide when and how you learn.

Let's face it, we've all spent money on online courses, only to lose motivation and interest after no time at all. This is why we created a platform that blends real-time learning and self-study.