Voice Talent and eLearning Developer/Manager

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Charlotte, NC
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Donn Maiorino is your One Source Voice for professional voice-over, narration, and announcing.

I am also an experienced eLearning Designer and Manager, Instructional Designer, Internal Communications Writer, Television Producer, and Public Speaker. I particularly excel in the areas of Training & Performance, Voice, and Video Production. I focus on enabling your business to thrive and prosper.

I am happy to work on any project no matter how large or small.  I am also open to becoming a full-time staff member at your organization.

I am committed to fostering organic growth within forward-thinking companies. My focus is on steering teams to success while contributing to a company's triumphs. I also explore my creative side with specializations in Voice, Training and Performance, and Video Production. Managing teams? Consider it done. Let's champion success together.