Opetus is an Online Education Platform for Teachers and Students. It offers a free Online Marketplace where Students can watch Demo videos of Teachers and Trainers, contact them directly, and get enrolled in their course.

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Opetus is a platform where Educators can upload their videos, content, and documents and interact with students. They can choose who can access their content and which part of the content students have access to. The Platform also has a database of all the Tutors who have registered, making it easy for the student to find their Educators by using the "Find Tutors" function. Opetus was designed, keeping in mind the existing problems in the ed-tech industry.


1. A perfect Compliment: Opetus is designed to encourage blended learning, wherein an Educator imparts knowledge using both offline and online learning methods. The concept of personalized learning, where Student studies according to his/her own pace, has been lost in the traditional classroom setting for a long time. Opetus aims to bring this back by allowing lecture playbacks.
2. Affordable: The Platform is priced according to the total number of students taught by an Educator and the space used by the Videos and Documents uploaded by the Educator. This is to ensure that the Educator does not pay a substantial amount/student for Online Education. This helps Opetus in becoming an Online Education “gateway” for teachers who are new to Online Education.

3. Minimum Technical Knowledge: User Interface is designed so that anyone who surfs the internet (or have used Facebook) will know how to use the Platform. No special training and time-consuming Demo's are required. Further, the Platform's entire working can be displayed in a Youtube video of fewer than 3 minutes.


4. On-Boarding – We ensured minimum hurdles for the teachers who wish to use the Platform. You can register yourself and start uploading the video after logging in, without any delay or payment.


5. Marketplace: Opetus provides a free marketplace for Teachers and Students. Whenever a teacher registers on our Platform, his/her profile is displayed on the Student Dashboard. Students can then directly contact the Teacher, send a "request" to enroll in his/her course, and study online, all on Opetus. Further, Opetus also gives an option to upload a "Demo Video" to the Teacher. This helps the teacher showcase his/her teaching ability and allow students to select the Teacher who suits their learning style.


6. Flexible – Opetus does not tell anyone what they should be teaching. Hence, there is virtually no limit to what type of subjects, classes, exam preparations, skills are being taught on Opetus. We already have registrations from a Coaching center, Youtuber, and a musician.