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eLearning is tied to an impressive array of benefits, which include business growth, improved revenue, employee satisfaction, personal growth, and enhanced productivity. Given its wondrous effectiveness, though, it is critical to ensure all eLearning materials are not only accurately translated but also matched with visually appealing graphics and presented with cultural relevancy in mind.

Of course, localizing eLearning is no walk in the park. It requires the implementation of a complex process that calls for experts’ input as a means to make eLearning localization a success. From evaluating the entire material (to identify any technical and cultural viewpoints that need to be taken into consideration) to transcribing audio scripts, translating, recording voice-overs, and publishing the text files/learning modules, everything has to be well taken care of and designed. It is paramount to carry out the translation process with layers of quality assurance while also understanding the nuances of the target language to avoid disastrous results. And all that has to be displayed in a visually appealing way to enhance readability. That's where Optimational can help.

Optimational is an EU-based translation company helping clients convey their multilingual message—and we are actively looking for an opportunity to support new clients in the e-learning field. If quality is a priority to you, get in touch with us!