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Compliance and job skills training for alternate financial services and retail and supermarket companies of all sizes. OTT offers a Complete training solution, including the OTT LMS (OTTers) and outsourcing, if desired. OTT offers white label options, as well. Customers include; Walmart, GE Cap, state and national associations as larger examples. The OTT solution is primarily for the check cashing, money transmission, money order, pawn, jewelry, small loan, collections, casino, credit card, supermarket and retail industries. OTT provides ALL training needed and ALL content is written for these industries including; compliance, job skills, sales, customer service, diversity and inclusion, harassment (all types), safety, orientation, operations, etc.  ALL compliance certifications are regulator accepted at the highest standard and have been so for many years.  Show the regulator an OTT report (which we are neutral party) and the training portion of any audit goes smoothly...


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