Passaro Voiceovers: A Millennial Voice to Make Your Story Matter

Joe specializes in voiceover narration for millennial and Gen Z learners. As a former educator for 8 years, he has taught both in person and online courses, excelling in both design and delivery of complex material.

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How do you connect with millennials when it comes to eLearning?

When you’re trying to engage with millennial learners, you need to be true, authentic, and conversational. For narration, this means use contractions, break up sentences and give variation in your pacing, and actually care about what you’re saying. In short, you need to act with conviction. You don’t have to sound like a robot to be professional. Millennials dismiss the artificial and the fabricated. You just need to be REAL.

What I offer:

I provide connected, authentic, AND professional voiceovers to ensure your effort and resources are not wasted on the wrong narration. I know how to reach your millennial learners with the right tone, character, and believability. Moreover, as a full-time voiceover artist, I ensure the timely delivery of quality audio to meet your deadlines and enhance your eLearning courses. When you need to protect your business, your employees, and your customers with the right learning, you can rely on me to deliver an effortless experience.

Why I’m qualified:

A lifelong learner and educator, I’ve taught both in person and online for over 10 years. I therefore understand the neuroscience, the process, and difficulties involved in developing powerful online and blended courses. And I’m also a millennial! I grew up as the internet and social media took off and am thus a digital native. But I’m also highly educated and have a global perspective. After pursuing two majors at Rice University, I taught English in Japan for two years under the Japanese Exchange and Teaching Program. I then graduated with an MA in History from Miami University, specializing in world history, and finished my training as a PhD candidate in History at Fordham University. Finally, I grew up partly in Italy, speaking Italian from a very young age, and have studied 9 languages.

Professional, educated, and young: the ideal person to narrate your eLearning projects for the millennial generation.