Paul Carter - Voice Over

Paul is a versatile and friendly voice actor with many years of experience and credits that include Aetna, Cisco, Goodyear, Pepsi, Tostitos, and many other local, regional, and national clients.

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Kansas City
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If Sam Elliott and Chris Pratt had a baby, you'd get Paul Carter...

Paul is a talent that will make your project a sure success. With clients like Aetna, Cisco, Goodyear, Pepsi, Caterpillar, and many other financial, industrial, manufacturing, political, and leisure industries, Paul has worked with many big name clients on all different types of voice over projects - including National Television and Radio spots!

Check out one of Paul's latest gigs with CarpetOne on the "Flooraphobia" campaign!
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With a terrific deep, authoritative, mature, storyteller, movie trailer type of sound, all the way to an attractive, believable, corporate, and even kind of sexy and guy-next-door quality, Paul can provide just the right sound that so many clients are looking for. No matter what, Paul sets a goal of 100% satisfaction, a goal he always achieves.
You need a soft sell? Paul can provide that. Hard sell, Authoritative, Deep, Commanding, Burly, Gravelly, Southern, Twang, Movie Trailer, and heck, he’ll even do a little British accent if you ask him real nice. Paul can be animated too, providing amazing character voices for games, or animations, from the quiet to the crazy loud insane characters. John Krasinski, Jon Hamm, Sam Elliott, Richard Jenkins, “The Dude” Jeff Bridges, Paul has a voice that can compare to all these incredible actors.

Paul’s voice can be described as genuine, friendly, believable, cool, hip, knowledgeable, sincere, business, authentic, urgent, soothing, folksy, mature, warm, trustworthy, confident, distinctive, approachable, conversational, engaging, and natural. He can be cast for young adult, or middle aged, and older male voices or whatever other age or emotion or attitude you may need. So send Paul a note, ask for a quote – I know for a fact he would LOVE to work with you!