Paul Heitsch eLearning Narration

Assured, expert, authentic eLearning VO. The voice that knows what it's talking about.

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Harrisonburg, VA
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I have been performing, engineering, directing and producing spoken word content since 1990, and have been a professional narrator for ten years. My extensive work as a non-fiction audiobook narrator gives me the knowledge and expertise to deliver the most technically challenging content with ease and confidence, assuring the audience that what they're hearing is the straight story, told by someone who knows his stuff.

My delivery is intelligent, knowledgeable, relaxed, natural, and authentic.

I work from a home studio, using Pro Tools, a variety of microphones from Mojave, Shure, and Røde, and a studio-grade preamp and digital interface. I can upload any format, via a variety of platforms, via Gig-speed fiber optic internet.

Perhaps most importantly, I am an experienced professional. What that means to you is I deliver on-time, I delight in exceeding expectations, and my specialty is no-drama collaboration with clients and team members.