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Your words plus my voice is a great combination. Contact me now and make your audio stand out.

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Trenton Ontario
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You have a job that needs a voiceover.  Your script is finished but haven't a professional voice to narrate it.  That is my job.  Contact me and I will get it done and returned to you within a day (in most cases).  You may say that anyone can voice this I would put it to you that that would be a mistake.  Yes anyone can voice it but not everyone can deliver your script in a way that captures your intended audience.

I have been voice acting since 1996.  My studio opened in 2013 and I have recorded for many clients including;

Canada Dry,

Toyota Canada,

Oreck Air Purifiers,

Kool Aid,

Colliers International,

Forex Trading,

Waxwing Avionics,

Missiauga Transitway,

York Regional Transit,

Decimal Technologies,


I look forward to working with you and making your job easier.