Prodiags, an eLearning pioneer from Finland, provides innovative and cost-effective technical training solutions for the automotive industry, and our products have been used by both organisations and self-learners for 30 years.

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Founded as HMV-Systems in Finland in 1991, Prodiags (name changed in 2016), has provided eLearning solutions for Finnish and Baltic schools since the beginning, and can be considered a real pioneer in the field. Currently, after starting to expand to the global market a few years ago, we now have customers from every continent in the world.

Now Prodiags provides high-quality technical courses, or Training Modules as we like to call them, for automotive self-learners, workshops/garages, schools and training organisations. For organisational use we also offer a tailored training environment, our own LMS, so to speak. For schools and organisations, integration with other LMS:s is also possible. Both our Training Modules and training environment are available in multiple languages, and more are added according to the needs of our customers, contact us to find out more.

With our roots firmly stuck to the workshop floor, our content producers have backgrounds as mechanics, technicians, automotive electricians, engineers and trainers, and we truly know and understand the daily needs and struggles of automotive professionals, and use modern technology to meet their demands (text, pictures, diagrams, videos, 3D-animations, etc.).

In short, our content team are automotive professionals that have learned how to create groundbreaking training material, and even how to code functions into the online material. We also have a highly experienced IT-team of expert coders that ensures that everything, especially the LMS, works perfectly smooth and new functions can be created when needed. The development process never ends.

In addition to the high-quality study material, we also offer challenging assessments that truly test the knowledge of the learner. As a final proof of good learning outcomes, the learner can print out a certificate for completing the Training Module, as soon as he/she passes the final exam.

All Training Modules also come with a printable study material, with questions to answer, room for notes and practically applied tasks that can be done individually or in small groups if done at a workshop/school/other organisation.

When administering training for your own group of learners in your organisation’s Prodiags Training Environment, you can also create and share your own material as flipbooks and link online material, such as videos, from external sources.

Why don’t you join the global family of happy Prodiags users and check us out or contact us so we can discuss the most suitable solution for your needs?

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