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Producto Studios is passionate about delivering great design and functionality for your learning and training projects. Throughout our history, we've brought to life concepts that have motivated sales teams, helped students obtain their online degrees, and educated consumers on nationally branded products.

Our team of animators, designers, and programmers provide client focused media solutions across all devices, platforms, and LMS. From concept to beta testing, Producto works as a partner in providing innovative solutions.

We enlighten, entertain and educate

We have an app for that. That phrase stopped being cool about 3 years ago. But apps have not stopped. They always stay cool. Plus the devices keep getting cooler as well. How do you keep up? We keep up for you.

We get paid to play. But as huge fans of games of all sorts we don't see game development as work. We've created hundreds of game engines and written books about them to prove our love. Let us share that love with you.

We move you. Whether it's for a national television program, tv commercials, or games; our team of veteran animators deliver on brand, on model and with original designs.

Devices, platforms and browsers change every year. Aspect ratio, screen resolutions, and touch functionality need to be customized, sometimes all within one project. Our solutions come from careful planning, methodical process, and years of experience. (iOS, Android, Flash, HTML5, JQuery, CSS, JS, Flex, XML, Word Press, ASP, .net, PHP, MySQL and others.)

E-Learning/Information Design
We inform. Combining info graphics, animation, games, and interactivity we've helped students earn online degrees, contributed to workplace tolerance, educated on healthier habits, and taught kids math essentials.

Character Design
We build character. Do you need a spokesperson to convey strength? To radiate beauty? To induce fun? We can build that. We have the technology to infuse a potato with strength, beauty and fun.

We can make beautiful music together. Rhythm, harmony, melody, and composition can express and color feelings like nothing else. Music adds to the drama, the comedy and the tension. Our custom music booms above the din of cookie cutter crowd.

Script and Storyboard
We're a gaming studio that makes cartoons. We're an animation studio that makes games. We are unique. Did we mention before Producto starts with pencil? Our pencils write scripts, conceptualize ideas and draw storyboards.


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