ProSkills Academy

"ProSkills" academy is a multi-disciplinary learning, training, and continuing education system. It is a network among skilled trainers, professionals, experts, researchers, and an audience of learners of all ages and interests.

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"ProSkills" is a multidisciplinary continuing education system based on personal self-development plans.

"ProSkills" is a network of training activities tailored as per local needs. It cover ordinary fields of scholar knowledge as languages (Arabic, French, English, Math...), and other innovative fields as  scientific themes (Robotics, Coding, Scientific experience, Prototyping...), artistic skills (Music, Painting, Crafts....), self-development activity (Leadership, Mind mapping, Public Speaking...) and any other field that can be modeled as training session.

"ProSkills" audience is specific for every training theme, but the large variation of topics will cover all ages and cultural level dedicated to local public in the region of High Metn North.

"ProSkills" organization is a dynamic structure. Each section is based on partnership between three main elements: The direction which provide educations, legal and logistical model; A partnership with local or intentional specialized accreditation agent; A local Stuff leaded by a high experienced Trainer in the specific field.

This type of administrative architecture will present local opportunities for the experienced and academic people to share and experiment their knowledge with their compatriots. This will be an occasion to get financial, scientific and moral profit.

"ProSkills" will achieve its social responsibility by presenting academic and professional orientation and by organizing an interpersonal network for self-development and career management.

"ProSkills" will form active group for each section for continuing activity and pursuing innovation.