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Pioneering through the world of online learning, Proversity creates learning hubs for some of the world's leading employers in legal, finance, engineering, hospitality and more.

With our expert team of videographers, motion graphic designers, post production specialists and innovative developers, we offer our clients a multifaceted product allowing them to streamline the recruitment process, up skill their employees, make for more efficient onboarding, marketing, and so much more.

By combining learning design, digital production and mobile apps, we partner with your existing team to design, create, curate and deliver your learning content to any audience via a unique branded learning app.

Digital Production

Our in-house digital production facilities have been dubbed the ‘Hollywood of mobile learning’.

Whether you’re building from scratch or integrating existing materials, our production team can help you build everything from simple face-to-camera courses through to huge technical programmes in a number of different formats.

We will help your subject matter experts feel comfortable on camera whether it’s onsite at your office, factory or in one of our state of the art production studios in London, Cape Town or Boston.

As well as producing new courses we can help curate existing materials and optimise them for mobile delivery.

Our creative experts can create videos, motion graphics, screengrabs and much more.

Pedagogy And Project Management

"Learning design professionals make instructional experiences which make the acquisition of knowledge and skill more efficient, effective, and appealing...”

Thanks Wikipedia! We couldn’t have put it better ourselves. We believe online learning should be beautiful.

Our Learning Experts are dedicated project managers who work with you and your digital production teams to harness the visual power of learning.

These learning experts work closely with your in-house Subject Matter Experts from day one to help support the pedagogy of all digital materials. This ensures that your content is easy to consume yet retains the right educational ‘fibre’ for your learners; whether they are new to you, or have been with your organization for decades.

Mobile App

It took $60m and three years of working with the best minds at Harvard and MIT to design an app that was this simple to use.

We provide the facility to customise logos, colors, fonts and content as a standard to ensure that mobile learning can fit seamlessly with the rest of your corporate identity. We’ve included all of the great stuff learners love, including courses, assessments, certification and course announcements.

Available through Android and iOS, the app is easily downloadable from the Google Play Store or Apple's App Store. Once downloaded, learners will be directed to your desired courses, guided through the learning material and progressively assessed.

Your app captures learner data in real-time with access via a simple to use dashboard. We are always looking to add exciting new functionality: digital interviews, course scheduling and job listings are all scheduled to land this year.


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