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PTT was founded in 1993 and is an independent company based in the United Kingdom that provides knowledge solutions. Our specialisation is solutions for technology businesses.

PTT has a wealth of experience of the design and implementation of training programs in the corporate environment including those governed by national vocational standards. We specialise in designing e-learning courses that harness interactivity to fully engage a trainee in the learning experience.

PTT's clients include major telecommunications providers and ICT organisations. PTT courses are in use in Australia, Africa Europe, South East Asia, and the USA. The remotest locations we serve include Samoa and St Helena.

PTT courses form a key component of their technical training for many of our clients. Others have benefitted from PTT's e-learning design services.

Online technical training for communications technology

  • PTT helps telecommunications and ICT companies get the best from their technical staff through online training solutions.
  • PTT's online telecommunications courses allow telecoms professionals to keep pace with advances in communications technology with minimum disruption to their key roles.
  • PTT's extensive catalogue of online telecoms courses cover technical aspects of modern telecommunications.

Customised courses

PTT specialises in developing interactive e-learning for technical training.

As well as offering off-the-shelf courses, we can work with your business to develop online courses that meet your specific training objectives.

We can also help your organisation streamline and enhance existing skills provision.

Online training solutions

PTT can help increase the effectiveness of technical training within your organisation while reducing costs.

PTT has 20 years experience in developing e-learning solutions and provides a full range of e-learning development services from setting of training objectives, through course design to course delivery and learning management.

PTT is particularly adept at devising e-learning that explains technical concepts in a clear engaging way.

PTT e-learning can be designed to be accessible through a PC's browser or through a tablet App.


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