Raising The Barr VO

The source for warm, resonant, precise and professional VO for eLearning

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Basking Ridge, NJ
New Jersey/New York
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Raising the Barr VO is the source for warm, resonant, professional eLearning voiceover by baritone Adam Barr. Be it engaging internal training, effective sales vehicles, continuing educations or customer relationship enhancement, every outreach is a story -- and it deserves to be told well. Every human on the planet loves to be told a story. I can help them love yours. Areas of focus include:

Corporate training

Explainer videos

Financial education for sales staff, brokers, analysts, and clients

Legal education for lawyers at all levels, support staff, and clients

Medical education for clinicians, support staff, caregivers, and patients

Museum and arts organization outreach, fundraising, and patron enhancement


What is your once upon a time? Your happy ending? I'd be honored to make it memorable.