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Providing professional e-learning products voiced with a natural tone. Offering informative learning experiences that impart knowledge in a personable, friendly, and compassionate manner.

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Gretchen Raziela's voice is described as sweet, pleasant, warm and friendly. Her signature sound is fresh, engaging, and relatable. Whatever the content, she comes across as believable, trustworthy, and sincere. Gretchen always strives to be clear, concise, and effective when conveying complex content. Invariably Gretchen is able to communicate difficult issues in a manner that listeners will understand, respond to, and retain. Regardless of how difficult the topic may be to discuss, Gretchen @ Raziela Voice makes sure it is "Simply... Spoken."

Specializing in law enforcement, fire rescue, and emergency management operations related productions. Dependable service appropriate for use in government or educational promotional videos and advertising. Personal expertise that enhances criminal justice, arson investigation, and crisis management audio college courses. Providing high quality voice recordings for corporate or industrial online learning and product tutorials.