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In 2007, RedSeed set-out to conquer the problem of cost, consistency, measurability, and sustainability in traditional training within businesses.

RedSeed quickly recognised the growing potential and popularity of online video as a training tool for corporates with hundreds to thousands of employees, across multiple locations, in a consistent and cost-effective manner.
Online training provides a level of transparency that provides a broader and more accurate picture of what’s happening in the business and in a team’s or employee’s capabilities.

Fast forward to now and RedSeed is a world-class, end-to-end, solutions-focused training provider with over 100,000 users globally and over 500,000-course completions.

Having grown the company with an immediate focus on the retail industry, the business spread its wings into the world of bespoke training content creation. We’ve helped to provide solutions to gaps within customers businesses ranging from inductions and content for new initiatives such as the removal of Single-Use Plastic Bags for FoodStuffs (completed by over 25,000+ users) and bespoke safety, employee onboarding and compliance modules for the world’s largest commercial cleaning franchise, Jani-King.


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