Regulatory University

Regulatory University is the financial services industry's most comprehensive, authoritative, cost-effective, Web-based regulatory training solution.

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601 Riverside Avenue
Jacksonville, FL
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Regulatory University® contains a library of more than 375 courses covering safety and soundness, consumer protection laws and regulations, high and emerging risk issues, products and services, and other topics of
relevance to multiple lines of business.

Robust Learning Management System
Regulatory University offers a robust learning management system (LMS) with cutting-edge, risk-based reporting, tracking and analytics that allow you to deploy and manage training enterprise-wide.

Financial institutions and creditors throughout the U.S. rely on Regulatory University to train and educate employees.

Best-in-class Content Meets Risk-based Reporting
FIS strives to always be first in the industry to develop new training – sometimes months before competitors. And, the solution’s content is incomparably comprehensive, with more than 300 compliance courses covering all risk topics.

In addition to having the greatest variety of courses, Regulatory University also offers content that is continually
refreshed with new compliance information, cases and exercises. You also have the ability to customize your institution’s compliance training program by developing or editing your own content.

With its breadth of course content and advanced LMS, FIS provides the industry’s pre-eminent, best practices-based curriculum assignment system so that an optimal compliance training plan can be devised and deployed throughout