Rich Garifo Voiceover

Confident and lively. An engaging grown-up voice. A voice, "...warm, textured, and mature... with an unexpected quirkiness." Imagine the guy next door who always makes you laugh but can finally get you to understand why your WiFi password sucks.

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13408 Bregman Road
Silver Spring, MD
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The company provides you with a certified Project Management Professional who has worked for years in medical education and for decades in the tech sector. Why would you have a project manager narrate your script? They  know how to deliver a quality product, expedite your changes and revisions, and be on time. This project manager combines this life experience with a mature, authentic, natural voice and enables them to speak clearly and authoritatively on a wide array of topics, especially those involving medical terminology, technical jargon, and complex ideas. They are also a father and a grandfather, and have been a storyteller their entire life. While they can speak with confidence and conviction, their style is lively, engaging, and audience appropriate.

Let us put these assets to work on a project for you.




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