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Compelling • Clever • Authentic ✴︎ like your favorite professor

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Looking for a professional voice artist who can help you to keep your learners engaged and interested?

Have a listen to my eLearning demo at my website.  If you think I might be a good fit for your project, reach out by email, LinkedIn, or phone.

  • Of course, I'm also happy to do a custom audition for your project.  Just send me a sample script, tell me a little about the project, and give me an idea of what you're looking for in terms of style/tone (e.g., from casual to formal, amusing to serious, collegial to instructive, or whatever else you have in mind).
  • If it'd be helpful, we can even arrange a brief Zoom meeting to discuss your project.

Prior to becoming a professionally trained voice artist, I was a public interest lawyer for around 20 years.  I worked closely with everyday people like low-income clients and Native American tribal members, as well as with subject matter experts and government officials.  My education, background, and personality make me comfortable with explaining even detailed, technical subjects—including medical, scientific, regulatory, and financial matters—in a clear but approachable manner.

I'm detail-oriented by nature, so I'll be focused on making sure your project comes out right.  You’re not likely to have to ask me to fix any mispronounced words.  If I'm not sure how to pronounce something and can't easily (and confidently) determine the right way, I'll ask you before recording.

I look forward to providing you with quality, professional, and friendly service for your next project.

~ Rob Greenbaum